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$55k Timex!! "Click" to Login or Register 
There is a story in todays Wall Street Journal regarding Timex pairing with several Italian fashion houses to produce a line of private label watches that will range from $2k to $55k.
Quite a jump from the "It Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking" days!!! Big Grin

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this isn't surprising.
I used to work for Timex many years ago and they've always sold watches which are great value for money. Sometimes they've sold higher priced/quality watches, here's one of two which I currently own. It's the "extremely rare" SOLID 14K GOLD TIMEX DORADO ELECTRIC from the 1960's and at the time it sold for $125.00. Eek It contains a jeweled back set electric movement which was made in West Germany. Over the years I've owned four of these watches, the last one I sold about four years ago went for $650.00 Big Grin

Dave Freeman
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