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Springy Watch Band "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Donald E. Jones
Years ago, I used to see expansion bands that were like a coil spring that had been flattened. I think that they were stainless steel, and were very comfortable. Any one else remember them?

D. E. Jones
Posts: 73 | Location: Sulphur Springs, Texas USA | Registered: June 29, 2006
I remember them and also remember that they would pull hair if they didn't fit right.
I also remember Forstner Komfit bands.The most comfortable metal band I ever saw.I would like to have one now.
j smith
Posts: 188 | Location: Warrenton, North Carolina U.S.A. | Registered: January 12, 2003
A stainless steel Komfit band sold for $123.50 on Ebay in August:

Posts: 676 | Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee USA | Registered: December 08, 2002
Are you looking for one and, if so, what width?
I get them every now and then. They are about as much fun to repair as a slightly bent Slinky tm. . They are a lot of fun to stretch out too. I've stretched old ones out and pinned them to picture frames as decoration. A little gold spray paint and they look really cool.

Mind you, I wouldn't sacrifice one that was still usable. I'd like to see the exotic machine that made them.
Posts: 536 | Location: El Cerrito, California U.S.A. | Registered: October 04, 2004
Picture of Donald E. Jones

18 mm.

D. E. Jones
Posts: 73 | Location: Sulphur Springs, Texas USA | Registered: June 29, 2006
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