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Is the Bestfit catalog the best book to buy if I'm going to work on Bulovas? What about the Swartchild Catalog? Or something else?

I have a deco Bulova 10AN I want to restore to start with. I've only been working on Elgin pocket watches so far, so I don't know anything about Bulova parts yet.
Posts: 152 | Location: Miami, Florida in the USA | Registered: August 11, 2009
Hello Dale,
Don't know if I can help you but I have an old Bestfit book that I can photocopy what info you may need, I also have an old Marshall's book from the 60's. Also, if you could post a picture or two of the watch it would be great.

Posts: 1499 | Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California USA | Registered: December 20, 2006
Dale, I have a number of 10AN parts and a great deal of experience working on these movements. What parts do you need?

You can visit www.mybulova.com for more information and my contact details.

Stephen Ollman
Posts: 97 | Location: Canberra, Australia | Registered: April 28, 2007
Back in the 1960s Bulova issued their own material catalogs "A-B-C"(Accutron_Bulova-Caravelle) catalogs in two parts. These cover their own production essentially post WW 11.I would recommend a search foe them. They are long out of print but a large number were produced. The Bestfit catalogs are by far the best for identifying movement interchangeability from their early days (1920s to 1940s) when they were using a large variety of ETA, A.Schild, FHF movements. Bulova movements were almost always well marked with their own model number. Example: Bulova 7x11 ligne popular movement marked 7AK or 7AP. The Bestfit catalog will tell you that is is ETA 735. The Bulova A-B-C books will show interchangeability i.e. model 11AL manual,11ALAC automatic, 11ALACD auto. with date, etc. There is overlap with both sets of books but these two are the best.
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Thanks for the replies.

Stephen, I actually only need hands and a stem and crown. The watch has been sitting in a drawer for nearly 40 years. My grandfather gave it to me to play with when I was a kid and it is pretty beat up.

But it only needs a good cleaning. It actually runs like a champ! I'll look for your contact info. Thanks.
Posts: 152 | Location: Miami, Florida in the USA | Registered: August 11, 2009
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