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Anyone ever notice?

They always take the pictures in the watch advertisements with the time at approximately 10:09-10:10. What is the logic? Is this true with older advertisements?
Posts: 51 | Location: Hurst, Texas USA | Registered: January 14, 2007
I believe the 10.10 and the 4.20 positions are mainly used since the hands will not obscure the makers name which is normally located at the 12.00 position or the sub seconds dial which is normally at the 6.00 position. It also gives the pictures a more balanced appearance.

Dave Freeman
IHC Member 321
Posts: 976 | Location: Texas in the U.S.A. | Registered: January 27, 2004
Every time I look at my watch or computer screen, and the clock shows 10:12.... I smile!!

I bet other Hamilton collectors do too!! Smile

Posts: 141 | Location: Michigan in the USA | Registered: October 13, 2005
Vintage Bulova ads use 10:35 for some reason. I've always wondered why?
Posts: 97 | Location: Canberra, Australia | Registered: April 28, 2007
Hamilton WW Expert
IHC Life Member
Picture of Bryan J. Girouard
Hamilton apparently had enough inquiries on this subject to address it in its company magazine, Timely Topics:

"...our ads and displays would look terrible if every watch showed a different setting. Uniformity of setting is necessary for the most pleasing effect. The time, 10:12, was selected because of the position of the hands is the most nearly symmetrical one possible which also points up nicely the name 'Hamilton,' and does not cover up any of the dial markers."

Bryan J. Girouard
Art Deco Wristwatches
Posts: 169 | Location: Dallas, Texas U.S.A, | Registered: March 30, 2004
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