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Dad's Ulysee Nardin "Click" to Login or Register 
As some of you know, I collect Eco Magneto Clock Co watchman products and Ball & Co Hamilton.

A few weeks ago, I retrieved my Dads 25 years of service wristwatch presented to him By Graves and Rodgers. A Ulysee Chronometer with what looks like the letters C D but could be C O under the word chronometer. It is also marked 21 jewels Automatic. The inscription bears his name William Kapp and the years 1939-1964. Looks like they gave him credit for his Army Air Corp time!

I imagine that dates the watch to 1964. The case is 14K and the raised bars representing numerals look like gold. The band seems to be an ordinary speidel.

Interesting little thing, I may have to do a little research on it. Thought I might start here and see if I get any comments.
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sound very interesting. Could you please show us some pictures. Smile

Dave Freeman
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