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Hamilton electric 500 "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1725
A day to remember,

Jan. 3, 1957 Hamilton introduced the world's first electric watch.

The watch of the future,the Hamilton electric 500.
Posts: 376 | Location: Conover, North Carolina in the USA | Registered: July 07, 2012
Picture of Peter Kaszubski
yes great watch and innovation

Posts: 4395 | Location: Arizona in the USA | Registered: July 23, 2011
Picture of Dan Carter
Does anyone wear a Hamilton 500? I wonder how the ad campaign was with these? There is a certain wow factor there I think. "Ok, so, it is a watch and I won't have to wind it?!?!" A little part of history! That is why I love this site/forum.

Posts: 407 | Location: Northern Virginia in the USA | Registered: October 08, 2011
Picture of Peter Kaszubski
not many are in working order and there was some issues with the movement as far as I know.
Posts: 4395 | Location: Arizona in the USA | Registered: July 23, 2011
You may want to check out Rene Rondeau's book: The Watch of the Future.

The fourth edition came out recently. Great book.

Posts: 6 | Location: Chicago, Illinois in the USA | Registered: January 18, 2015
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