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Suggestions for gift watch, not rolex, unless special one "Click" to Login or Register 
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Hi. Since wristwatches are terra incognita, I wonder if anyone can suggest a really really good gift watch, for someone who "wants" a rolex, but also doesn't know anything about watches.

The idea is that not only he would like it, and not wish he had a rolex, but in his new job, people would notice it and ask where he got it, and then he would say it was a going-away gift from his colleagues in his old job. Ie, this is not from me, but from the faculty to the dean, who's getting a great job somewhere else.

But it shouldn't be anything weird or too edgy, just enough to attract attention, and then look good enough that people would admire it. How much would something like that cost?

I hope my parameters aren't too vague.

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First of all you'll want to establish spending parameters. If it's a "pass the hat" kind of thing you need to know how full the hat will be.

As to choices, many companies make "Rolex-Look" watches. You could also choose to go the "understated elegant" route. I would want to stay with better quality quartz watches for a gift in order to keep it simple. Remember, as much as we all love them, most people cannot relate to mechanical watches. Another point, the general public in the US relate leather bands to "cheap" and even though you and I know better they will not listen, so go with a metal bracelet.

In choosing a gift we're buying for the recipient, not for ourselves. Seiko builds very good watches, strong, stylish and reliable. For 99% of the people they're just fine...


For more examples, the dressy watches, new in boxes that you see in the image below are coming to our On-Site Auction in the coming weeks. One carries a 250 retail, the other 500 and both will start at a dollar. But again your choice will be as wide or as limited as your budgetary constraints.

Hope this helps get you started,



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