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Picture of Ralph Rehner
This was a inexpensive curiosity win of e-bay. The clock originally looked like it had lived in a tarpit for the last 100 years and the dial was pretty much a raw tin plate.
To my surprise the movement was true Chauncey Jerome 30 hr. weight driven and the papers were intact. It's age is probably early 1840's because of the Bristol Conn. markings. Speculate it was used as an advertising clock after the Civil War. Don't think the clock would have been to popular during the Civil War with these two gentlemen together. The movement now runs great and the dial is my own creation using CAD design. While the purist would say "That's a N0-NO", it is of the period style and has the maker and town on front. Careful removal of the tarlike substance reveiled verneer that was very intact and most of the original finish still there. Cleaning and touch-up followed by a gentle waxing have created a conversation piece that runs great and has a lot of Americana.
Maybe I'll find the right dial someday, but for now who cares.
It's amazing how much fun and reward can be had for $95.55 and some tender loving elbow grease.

Ralph Rehner, "The Clock Pup" and Longines Watch Guy

Posts: 89 | Location: Brunswick, Ohio USA | Registered: January 17, 2003
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Picture of Jim Cope
an amazing renovation!!!a beauty to be sure!!!Jim C
Posts: 872 | Location: Kingsville, Ontario, Canada | Registered: April 16, 2003
Picture of Tom Seymour
Grreat job Ralph!!

Tom Seymour
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IHC Exec.V.P.
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Picture of John D. Duvall

Great job! What kind of printer and paper did you use?

John D. Duvall
Vice President, Education
Posts: 1123 | Location: Arizona U.S.A. | Registered: January 21, 2003
Picture of Ralph Rehner
The whole dial process began on Cad Design. This allowed me to create an accurate size dial with uniformly spaced numbers and register. I then transfered it to Adobe Photoshop and added the roses which were created by taking a pic of one of my "Mini" garden roses and running it thru the sketch characterize feature in Adobe. Finally I began using the aging feature to give the dial a slightly crackled look.
The paper is "Royal Brite" heavy weight high gloss photo paper that I found at the local wholesale club. The printer is my beloved old HP895 Pro series inkjet. This kind of dial work uses a lot of ink and you have to let it dry for a few hours.
The heavy weight paper handles the photo spray adhesive nicely and the hole cutouts were easy when mounted to the tin plate.
Here's a pic of the dial that I now have on file. I can change whatever I want now since the platform has been established.

Ralph Rehner, "The Clock Pup" and Longines Watch Guy

Posts: 89 | Location: Brunswick, Ohio USA | Registered: January 17, 2003
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