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Can SomeOne help determine This as Straight and Seldom Seen? "Click" to Login or Register 
Can SomeOne Offer Confirmation
This as Straight and Seldom Seen?

Is there something more I should Check?







Pic 8

Picture of Billy Kuhn
Pic.3 is not running.
Very Very Very one in a remarkable situation. The ipad captured this shot and must be almost impossible to have the mean arm stopped at that instant! The acceleration must have been huge.

So No. need someone to help the ID , Straight?
IHC Member 785
What help do you need. The info is, 16s-23RJ-ON11L-T6PI-RRG BUN S Open Face motor barrel Forth Pattern-Rayed. The serial is at the end of the run (1917-1923) this watch was made in 1923. What else do you need.

It is documented at the end of the second to last 23j model 11 run. The documented LAST run is loaded with missing and unSeen units, and mixed model 11 and 14’s I believe.

The unseen Bunns are of interest. There is issues in defending it. I am seeking that help which can fit this watch for it’s given place by it’s serial number.

The issue is the ‘expected’ number’s range.
Don't know what you mean by "missing" and "unseen" movements in the last Model 11 run.

That was Run #202 in 1924. Another source states there 500 Model 11s in that run. There were 1000 movements total, the others being Model 14s.

The 500 Model 11s included two variants, which he calls C and D. Those are uncommon, with only a few having turned up. So, although some have been seen, not all 500 of them have been accounted for and in that sense are "missing."

I don't see any mystery here.
This watch is numbered at the tail end of run 155.
Run 155 is the last run , number ‘24’ of 25 Total runs of Model 11 (23j).

How many Variant C’s are documented at the time of his research?

When the book was published those numbers in any of the uncommon, and seven star breeds enjoy a place listed in Some short lists by their serial numbers in the book.

The book sites run 202 where this watch came through ahead by a bunch having a bordered leaning fence. The border may be the best defence (a pun and a good one too, de-fence). Since ALL ILLINOIS Bunn Specials AFTER 1925 have a borderless leaning fence, in particular the 23 jewel model 14, that in my mind leaves only one question.

Until more examples come up ,research on overlaping has to take heed even to the SHORTEST of lists.

I would like some agreement and reasons for any non agreement with what this watch presents and is wearing.

I believe the page seen above is a summary of page 27, having taken the numbers of the model 11’s from the ledger.

‘I don't see any mystery here.’......ThankYou.
Took a Look ‘under the hood’

Had to Look

23 jewel 48hr. Motor Bordered Leaning Fence,
NOT FROM RUN 202 but the tail end of the previous run num 155.

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