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Illinois Skyway? "Click" to Login or Register 
I bought this watch several years ago from an honest watchmaker who assured me that the case was original to the watch. It looks just like an Illinois Skyway, but the case is not the silver stars case that the Skyway is supposed to have come with. It is an Illinois Watch Case Co. nickel case with serial number 562979. The movement is a typical 3/0 size 17j grade 24 #5,312,779. Can anyone tell me if this is really a Skyway?
Sorry, I forgot to add the photo. Here is the watch:

Picture of Wayne Hanley
Hi Stephen,
According to Fredric J. Friedberg's book "The Illinois Watch" "The Life and Times of a Great American Watch Company." page 192 Skyway/Greyhound & Off Duty used #211 case 14k WGF. The case has the unique design feature of embossed stars around the bezel & around the case back.
Page 193, "there are many more Skyways than Off Duty watches, however many Off Duty watches were converted to Skyways by collectors if they found Skyway dials. In fact, in the early 1990s a cache of over 100 Skyway new old stock dials were found in the basement of a former Illinois Watch Co. employee's home in Illinois. The market quickly became flooded with military watches called Aviators that had military cases & Skyway dials. Needless to say they are not Illinois wristwatches."

Draw your own conclusions! You sure do have a nice Skyway dial.

See ya around the site.
Thanks a lot for your response. That tells me a lot!
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