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Private label database: Illinois 16-Size Only "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1911
Hello all
I have been working on an Illinois Private Label database for a while- Figured I would ask for some data from all of you
Here's what I'm after
16 size only
Private labels marked on movements- not just dials
Excluding the Burlington's & Santa Fe Special's

I want any info you can provide but the least would be the name etc and the Ser #.
This will be a work in progress and when I feel I have enough info I will make available to all on here.
I have Hundreds already but I'm sure there are some real interesting ones I haven't logged in yet.
" Meggers" book has alot but they did not supply the Ser# on any of the examples- My database is by Ser#- not alphabetical.

You can email me the info to my personal email or better yet add to this thread.
Thanks to all for anything you want to contribute.
Terry Jones
IHC Member 1357
Terry, have a few I will add to list.

Grade 706 21j.Mod.9 S/N 3122914 "Texan"
Grade 167 17j.Mod.7 S/N 5242411 "Sterling"
Grade 305 17j.Mod.7 S/N 3737005 "Capitol"
Grade 606 19j.Mod.7 S/N 3825778 "Stewart Special"

IHC Life Member
Terry, I checked my database and I have 59 Illinois private label watches. Do you think I should post here, or send to you in a private email?
IHC Member 1911
It is probably best to send my email



IHC Life Member
I'll try to get the info together in the next day or so.
IHC President
Life Member
Picture of Lindell V. Riddle

Best to post them in this topic in numerical order, it could really be interesting!

IHC Life Member
Terry, I am going to try to present this info as Lin suggested. I'll probably do 4 postings over 4 days. Today I'll do everything that falls into the one million range of serial numbers.

Kuesel & Puls, Milwaukee, Wis., 1,316,162, Mod 4, 15j, Gr. 173
I. Brilleman, Albany, N.Y., 1,318,070, Mod. 5 Getty, 11j, Gr. 171
Stewart Special, 1,324,868, Mod. 5 Getty, 17j, Gr.175
Stewart Special, 1,363,358, Mod. 4 Getty, 17j, Gr.175
Stewart Special, 1,363,373, Mod. 4 Getty, 17j, Gr. 175
Stewart Special, 1,407,116, Mod. 4 Getty, 17j, Gr. 175
Stewart Special, 1,407,119, Mod 4 Getty, 17j, Gr. 175
Stewart Special, 1,434,753, Mod 4 Getty, 17j, Gr.175
Stewart, 1,416,466, Mod 4 Getty, 17j, Gr. 174
I. Brilleman, 1,456,309, Mod 5 Getty, 11j, Gr. 172
Stewart Special, 1,456,912, Mod 5 Getty, 17j, Gr. 175
Stewart Special, 1,473,643, Mod 5 Getty, 17j, Gr. 175
Marston & Seaman, Albany, N.Y., 1,565,637, Mod 4 Getty, 11j, Gr. 172

Next time I post it will be for the 2 million range of serial numbers.
IHC Life Member
Decided to tackle the 2 million range of serial numbers, since there are only 11 in my collection. Here goes:

Marston & Seaman, Albany, N.Y., 2,039,729, Mod 5 Getty, 11j, Gr. 172
Marston & Seaman, Albany, N.Y., 2,630,834, Mod 7, 11j, Gr. 601
Marston & Seaman, Albany, N.Y., 2,630,844, Mod 7, 11j, Gr. 601
Stewart, 2,760,463, Mod 7, 11j, Gr. 601
Stewart, 2,882,428, Mod 6, 15j, Gr. 603
Stewart, 2,882,449, Mod 6, 15j, Gr. 603
Stewart, 2,882,731, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 604
Stewart, 2,882,780, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 604
Stewart Special, 2,883,104, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 605
Stewart Special, 2,883,671, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 606
Stewart Special, 2,883,703, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 606

Okay, fingers getting sore...3 million serial range will come tomorrow :-)
Picture of Edward Kitner
Terry, I have a few for you.


#1419738, TAPPINS, TROY, NY, MOD 5, GRADE 184, SW/LS, 17J



#2207328, A.H.WINSTON, HERKIMER, NY, MOD7, GRADE 304, SW/PS, 17J


#2399095, J. HENRY HEPP, TROY, NY, MOD 7, GRADE 601, SW/LS, 11J
IHC Life Member
Got my second wind. Time for the watches with serial numbers in the 3 million range:

Stewart, 3,057,220, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 604
Stewart, 3,084,541, Mod 6, 17j, Gr. 304
Stewart, 3,270,041, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 604
Stewart, 3,270,104, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 604
Stewart, 3,370,112, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 604
Stewart Special, 3,371,961, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 806
Stewart Special, 3,377,239, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 806
Stewart Special, 3,377,258, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 806
Stewart, 3,465,559, Mod 6, 17j, Gr. 604
Stewart, 3,532,099, Mod 7, 15j, Gr. 603
Stewart Special, 3,566,840, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 806
Stewart Special, 3,600,440, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 605
Stewart Special, 3,620,459, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 806
Stewart Special, 3,661,646, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 806
Stewart Special, 3,744,245, Mod 6, 19j, Gr. 606
Stewart Special, 3,833,631, Mod 6, 17j, Gr. 605
IHC Life Member
Final post...watches in 4-million serial number range:

Stewart Special, 4,010,034, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 806
Stewart Special, 4,030,300, Mod 9, 21j, Gr. 806
Stewart Special, 4,118,764, Mod 7, 17j, Gr. 605
Illinois Electric RR Standard (Stewart Spl. on movement), 4,118,932, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 606
Stewart Special, 4,158,051, Mod 9, 21j, Gr. 806
Illinois Electric RR Standard (Stewart Spl. on movement), 4,158,118, Mod 9, 19j, Gr. 606
Stewart Special, 4,158,207, Mod 9, 21j, Gr. 806
Stewart Special, 4,307,819, Mod 7, 19j, Gr. 806

I found it interesting that two of my Stewart Specials have dials saying "Illinois Electric Railroad Standard" printed on them. I think they are legit because I have also seen others on ebay with the same set up. I didn't bid on the others due to condition.
IHC Member 1911
Great info- Keep it coming!

IHC Life Member
Terry, just a quick comment about the Stewart Specials. Even though this model is listed in the Shugart's Price Guide, it is not a standard Illinois model. It is a private label watch produced for Sproehnle Co., in Chicago. They were produced from 1897 until 1923. According to my records, the only 16s 21 jewel Stewart Specials were produced in 1923. If you need additional info on any particular watch that I've listed, just let me know.
IHC Member 1911
Still gathering Private label info for the database- it is getting huge!
I'm sure some of you have a lot to contribute- It would be really great to get as much data as possible!

It will be available to all members eventually.

Terry Jones
Hi Terry,
I’m new to the site, but I enjoy the plethora of info here.
My specialty (interest) is the first 16 size movements Illinois made. Manufactured from 1889 to 1896.
Grades, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115 and 116. (and the all -s variants).
These were models 1 (Hunter, lever set), 2 (Open face, pendant set) and 3 (Open face, lever set)
What started me on this focus, was the acquisition of a bunch of pocket/wrist watch material
located in Boise Idaho from a family member of a long deceased Watchmaker.
They knew nothing of the material he left (in boxes, tins, and drawers.) I purchased all of it.
It wasn’t much. Mostly junk (as parts unlisted and therefore unusable as it would be impossible to determine what caliber, movement or Manufacturer they belonged.) However, as I opened an old medication box (labeled Dr Smithson, 1954), I discovered a Grade 116, Model 1, 16Jewel movement (SR# 1049030). The dial was there, with some chips and hairline cracks, but otherwise intact. On the Double sunk dial was the following “CHARLES F. BAILEY” in fancy Script lettering. The movement did not have this name engraved, but instead had the standard ‘Illinois Watch Co.” engraving (which I later discovered is a bit reverse, as Illinois would engrave the private label on the movement for free, but charge for having a custom dial made). Seems if the customer wanted a private label for the dial, they would do the engraving on the movement as well (at no extra cost). Funny.
The sad part of this story is… the Balance wheel, with breguet hairspring and upper/lower jewels were missing (from the cock and main plate). Why?? Who knows. I searched all the remaining parts, boxes, tins, etc, but was unable to locate any balance wheel that would fit. So, began my quest. To acquire the necessary parts (from other movements, if possible) to repair and get this high grade movement running.
What I’ve learned along the way… has served me with more reward than the restoration of this individual movement. Not to say the quest does not continue, but… it does so with much greater appreciation of what these early pocket watches represent.
I now have 15 movements (some complete cased watches) from the low grade 7 jewel to the high grade 16 jewel (yes, I’ve seen in the ‘book’ there are records of 17J and 21J models. But I have not come across any of those (yet). I did see on one web forum, can’t recall which) of a private label ‘Rail Road King’ (Grade 116, 16J). Very nice watch, indeed.
Roy & Bill’s book says (as of 1985) (referring to the 17J and 21J) “…despite total production of 1,930 is very scarce” “…one private label movement, listed as a 15-16J but actually has 18J”. “No examples of the 17J or 21J movements have been reported or seen.” (maybe since 1985, someone has reported one? Who knows. They also went on to say “…the majority of the grade 116 movements were ‘private label’.”
My second contribution to your list is: “J.A. Wiedemann, El Dorado Kans.“ on dial, not on movement (this was an interesting one, as the movement is a grade 110 (7J Gilt, SR 1034430). So, the lowest grade and lowest cost. Yet the owner wanted his name on the dial. Interesting.
The 3rd contribution is: “Nowlan & Co., Richmond VA.” (Grade 114S 15J) SR 1152727
If I find more, I’ll pass those along. Great work can’t wait to see your list.
PS. if yu want to see picturtes, go to the Pocketwatchdatabase.com and search the SR#
IHC Member 2030
Thanks Bill
It appears you have a focus that is one of my favorites.
Very good info thanks!
The journey continues.
Three more to add to the list:
Texas Special, Model 7, 17j, Grade 604, S/N 3121022.
Illinois Central, Model 7, 17j, Grade 305, S/N 4636690.
J. Euteneuer, Havana, Ill., Model 4 Getty, 17j, Grade 175, S/N 1453868.
IHC Member 1911
Thanks all for the info- Database has over 800 entries so far and still growing!!

IHC Member 1911
Database still expanding. Any more info would be appreciated. Going to print what I have soon and make it available

Terry Jones
IHC Member 1911
My database continues to grow all the time!
If anyone has something to add just let me know
Also if someone wants a copy of the work in progress just ask

Terry Jones
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