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How do you add pic from iPad camer roll to posts? "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Donald Hawes
I would like to add photos from my iPad camera roll to posts. However, when I click on add photos at the bottom of the post, nothing happens. I can do it on my windows machine, but it would be so much more convenient to do it with my iPad 3. Any iPad users know how to do this?
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Hi Don, I just got an iPad 3 also.
I will try to figure it out, and let you know, but if anyone else knows, please post.

Marc Micale
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Administrative Assistant
Picture of Dr. Debbie Irvine


Apple Products have a tremendous amount of support features.

Clicking on the iPad tab and typing in "How to Download Images" in their search several results appear.

If none of those links help, then try and talk with someone from the place where you bought your iPad.

Where I live we have a local Apple Store and I have found them to be extremely helpful whenever I have a question about their outstanding products.

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Here's an easy way to get photos off the iPad and into any folder on your computer.

First of all, hook up the iPad to the computer with the USB cord. Note, NOT the charging cord.

Create a folder, or simply go to any folder you already have and open it and keep it on the screen, just off to one side.

Now, if you have a "My Computer" icon on your screen, double-click it. Otherwise find your "My Computer" by going to the "Start Menu"

Once you have the "My Computer" screen open, go down to the the bottom of the screen and you'll see the iPad icon. Double-Click the iPad icon and you'll see a drive icon that should say, "Internal Storage". Double-Click it. Then double-click the DCIM (the photo folder) icon. Then double-click either the icon on the left or on the right. They both contain photos you've taken with your iPad.

Now, you can just DRAG any or all of the photos to the folder you chose on your hard drive. You can now add those photos to your IHC185 posts as you would normally.

CAUTION: DO NOT DELETE any of the photos from the iPad. It may mess up the index on the iPad.

I hope this will help those of you who need this so have fun and good luck with it.

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Picture of Bruce Byrd
Ok, guys I have figured out a way on how to post photos from your iPad to this forum.. Here is what i did..

First off, you will need to be able to access your email account on your iPad.

I took photos with my iPhone and sent them to my email address. On apple phones, it will ask you how big you want the file to be when you send it from the phone to your email. I pic the medium setting which seems to work good. When you get it to your email, tap on it and it will ask you if you want to save the photo... Say yes.. When you post on the site and add a photo, just tap on the photo and your good to go..

I have also done it with a regular camera. I set the image size at about 640x480. That seems to get the photos small enough where you don't have to resize. Send to your email, save, and attach as before.

I have also downloaded a free app that is a photo resizer. That worked pretty good for some of the older, larger photos.

The big thing is getting them to your email then saving them to your iPad... I am using an ipad3.. I have not tested it out on the 1 or 2

Bruce Byrd
Posts: 888 | Location: San Diego, California USA | Registered: December 27, 2002
Picture of Donald Hawes
Thanks for all the suggestions.
Posts: 345 | Location: Racine, Wisconsin in the USA | Registered: November 15, 2010
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