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Picture of R. J. Lucke
Ok, I've now been playing with the macro setting on my camera for a couple of days now. One problem I have been fighting in posting my pictures to the board is that the pictures are larger than the screen.

After some playing around in Adope Photo Deluxe, I found this could be remedied by resizing the page size and resolution.

My question is - What is the optimal size and resolution for posting on this and other message boards?

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The largest comfortable size that works within the viewing window on this site is 640 pixels wide. Larger than this in the width causes the bottom scroll bar to come into play. The height will work proportionally with the width so nothing to worry about there.

I hope this is a help to you.
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Phil said it well. We're happy to host your images. Not only is it easier, but that way they are here to create an archive. On images wider than they are high, go with 640 wide by 480 high as a maximum. If the image is higher than it is wide, try using 480 wide by 640 high.

With our On-Site Auctions and in most other postings I use a width of only 555 to cut it down even further. Reason being, the lower numbers make it faster and easier to load for those with "dial-up" internet service providers.

To use an example, the image below is set at 555 for the width.

Hope this helps make it easier.



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initially I had the same problem with image sizes being too large. I spoke with Lindell and took his advice and now set all my pictures with a width of 550. I've had no problems since.

P.S. Lindell I love that watch of yours, I know you bought it a couple of months back. I'm almost tempted to make you an offer. Big Grin Razz Confused


Dave Freeman
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Picture of R. J. Lucke

Thanks for the helpful suggestions both here and by email. When things settle down after memorial day, I'll work on a few more to post.

Rhett Lucke

Posts: 229 | Location: Nebraska in the U.S.A. | Registered: November 24, 2002
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