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I had mentioned a light box in a reply to a question in one of the topics and have had some request for some additional information on this..

I made one from PVC 1/2 pipe and muslin cloth or any cheap white cloth. I made a 14 x 14 box out of the pipe and covered it with the cloth and bought some cheap goose neck lamps at Wal-Mart for $6 ea. and placed one on the back and on both sides and a OTT light on top. Place the item inside and take the pictures.

You may have to adjust the thickness of the cloth to get the best results but it works and the light is soft and it really brings out the details.

I am attaching a picture of the box.

Check out my closed auctions on the 185 site to see the pictures.

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Hey Jim very nice better than my first picture box I made. I have since bought one on ebay that is great because it folds up and can be put away with ease. I also by GE Reveal blue bulbs and use them in a clip lamp on the back of the tent. I do not have as good of pictures as some but it works for me.
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