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The complete “Master Navigation Watch Manual” is available "Click" to Login or Register 
I wanted to conclude this topic which I believe is still pending.

A few months ago, I sent to Debbie a single and complete PDF document for the “Master Navigation Watch Manual, Revised July 1956 Courtesy Michael Klipp”, which I had compiled from the separate pages already posted in our library at http://library.ihc185.com/catalogs/, and added the few pages missing from there.

This PDF file contains all the separately-posted pages in the library, plus the 4 missing pages which are not in the library, in a single file. It provides a much quicker way of flipping through the pages, and the document is searchable which can considerably expedite finding things indeed.

Debbie graciously acknowledged receipt of this file, but I have not found a link to it in the library (please forgive me if I missed it). Maybe it was thought this document is not necessary, since the majority of individual pages are already posted.

If any member wishes to receive this document by email, please send me a request at my profile email address, confirming whether your email program can download attachments as large as 11MB.

Best regards,
Posts: 72 | Location: Athens, Greece | Registered: January 21, 2013
I dont need the pdf. But to help you give it to others you might want to check out Google Drive. You get 5gb of space for free that you can upload files to and share them if you want in the files sharing settings. Then all you need to do is send people requesting the file the url to it.
Posts: 1143 | Location: Chicago, Illinois in the USA | Registered: September 05, 2010
Good idea, Jim, with the following caveat.

Whereas it is a pleasure and an honor for me to serve IHC185 in any way I can, placing this file on a public server and giving out the URL is like giving it out to the general public, as the URL would certainly circulate to a broader public. My intention was for IHC185 members to benefit.
Posts: 72 | Location: Athens, Greece | Registered: January 21, 2013
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