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Ultrasonic cleaning questions

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July 12, 2021, 13:55
Tyler Scaff
Ultrasonic cleaning questions
Hello everyone! I’m a new hobbyist clock cleaner working on my in-laws’ grandfather and two mainspring clocks. After much trial and error, I fully disassembled the grandfather clock movement and carefully cleaned out all the gunk. I then used some Formula 67 and two subsequent rinses of Drizebrite, but I just used these solutions in Rubbermaid containers and found the process very difficult and messy.

I want to consider an easier and more efficient style of cleaning and was looking at ultrasonic cleaners, specifically the Co-Z 2L cleaner. However I’m concerned because I read that using my flammable ammonia-based solutions in an ultrasonic cleaner poses a severe fire hazard, and I am just doing this process in my basement.

What are your thoughts? Is it safe? Do I need to only clean the parts without heat to minimize vapor generation? Are there other options for clock cleaning machines? Thanks so much.
July 12, 2021, 16:35
Billy Kuhn
Heat will destroy the solation. The movement will clean in cold solation.