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I had a wall clock delivered the other week which received quite a bit of damage from the courier. It is supposed to be a 1930's clock. The case has all been repaired now after a few evenings with some wood glue and clamps.

When I got it all up and running it kept stopping which when looking at it closely the crutch / suspension (please correct me as I don't know the part name) was torn. Not being able to find anything suitable to repair it I took to the soldering iron as a short term repair.

an someone please advise on the image as to where I can get hold of the part / repair it properly.


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Paul, It would be good to see a picture of the movement, to help identify what you have.

This looks like a long suspension spring?

Take a look here:

Dave Turner
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If you are unable to find a suitable replacement suspension spring, it is not terribly difficult to make one. Suspension spring material is available in sheets approximately 1 1/2" x 6" for approximately $3.00 US each. Thickness (strength) ranges fom .002mm to.006mm. Sheet brass and brass wire (to make rivets) are also all available. It is a relatively simple job to cut (or file) the appropriately sized pieces, and to drill and rivet them together.
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