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Clock chime question "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 32
Picture of Bruce Byrd
I have noticed that several of my clocks are chiming past or before the hour mark. What causes this and how can I remedy it (All of the clocks are 8 day.. 1 Seth Thomas, 1 Gilbert and 1 Ansonia.. All made before 1900)
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Picture of Tom Seymour
Bruce, there are a couple of causes for this depending on the movement. If the minute hand has a bushing in the center (as apposed to the one piece hand that fits over a square shaft) then simply move the hand on the bushing so that it points where it is supposed to when the clock strikes.

If it is the single piece hand, then the problem lies in the mechanism that releases the strike train. The strike train has two phases, a "get ready" that unlocks the train about five minutes before the hour. This moves the train slightly and is then held again until the cam on the hour cannon allows the locking lever to drop. The position of the locking lever can be adjusted to change the moment of drop. This usually means bending a wire or changing the angle of the "J" shaped piece that rides the cam and unlocks the strike train.

Be careful bending any of these wires. Bending one often affects the position of another. Study the purpose and position of the levers before doing any bending.

Hope this helps.

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IHC Member 32
Picture of Bruce Byrd
Thanks for the info Tom Smile

Bruce Byrd
Posts: 888 | Location: San Diego, California USA | Registered: December 27, 2002
IHC Member 234
Picture of Jim Cope
...agree with T/S (time and strike or Tom Seymour, whichever you prefer; is he a clock guy w/those initials or not?... Smile)...me, I would concentrate on changing the angle of the 'J' hook...has worked for me countless of times...but be careful!...'minutiae' is the operative word...thanks PISTONS!!!Go Tigers!!!...

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