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Chime correction-Junghans movement

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April 25, 2011, 17:51
Bill Koptis
Chime correction-Junghans movement
Hi to all,
I am new to the site and to clock repair. From what I've read so far I hope I will find an answer to my question.
I have cleaned the movement, a Junghans-marked A-20 without taking it apart. I got the beat and timing right but can't get the chime correction adjusted properly. In fact it seems that the chime correction feature is not working.
The clock runs, chimes and strikes the right hours but is 1/4 hour off cycle. The hour strikes on the 1/4 hour.
I am working from Steven Conover's "Chime Clock Repair". I have tried to adjust the chime locking lever to the chime drop lever according to the illustrations and text in the book. The chime correction lever catches the warning pin, releases it on the hour, but the movement stops after just a little movement. I think the warning pin is being stopped by the chime warning lever.
When the 1/4 comes up the movement continues and strikes the hour chimes.
The books talks about the proper position of the warning pin is at the 8 o'clock position. How do I check this and also how to adjust it if is out of position?
I hope I have explained my problem properly.

April 25, 2011, 20:03
Ken Snowden
Are you sure that this movement has a correction mode? Could you put up a picture of the front of the movement?
May 02, 2011, 09:04
Moses Gingerich
Mr. Bill:

I'm going to take a chanch and jump oin here. I had a GF clock with the same symptom. It was solved simply by removing the minute hand and setting it forward 15 minutes. Maybe it won't work for you , but it certainly worked for me. I thought it would correct properly and it did not.
Try it.

-in the jungles of Waxhaw NC
May 03, 2011, 17:12
Bill Koptis
Sorry for not getting back to everyone, I was away last week.
Answer to Moses, the minute hand is keyed to the shaft. If only it was that easy.
Back to Ken, I am attach a series of photos.
1)overall shot at the 3/4 hour, manual set
2)close-up of the same 3/4 hour
3)12 o'clock at the start of the lift
4)12 o'clock as the movement is stopped
5)at 1/4 hour sticking/chiming the hour
6)back at the 3/4 hour, movement now out of sync
I hope the photos will better illustrate my problem.
I seem to be having a problem attaching the photos.I'll try another time if they didn't go.


May 10, 2011, 07:19
Bill Koptis
Warning pin adjustment

I had posted a question above in this topic concerning chime correction on a Junghans movement. I think I have identified the problem, but I am not sure how to go about fixing it, being a novice in clock repair.
In Steven Conover's book, "Chime Clock Repair" (p82),he talks about the proper position of the warning pin to be at the 8 o'clock orientation. I assume that to be from the front of the movement. The warning pin on my clock is in the 4 o'clock position when viewed from the front.
I am assuming that I will need to unwind all three springs, remove pillar nut at the top of the chime side and loosen the two nuts-one at the top of the strike side and the bottom of the chime side. And then move the warning wheel so that the warning pin will be at the 8 o'clock position.
Am I on the right track or way off base?
Bill Koptis
May 21, 2011, 12:25
Bill Carlson
If you didn't take the clock apart, I question the need to now.
Have you gone to Conover's site and asked this question. Steve himself may answer your question and or a couple of other guys that do this stuff all the time. Here is the link if you don't have it.

Bill Carlson
October 17, 2011, 09:42
Virgil Sampson
On some clocks the keyed hub can be turned in the hand by holding hub carefully with pliers or devising a tool to fit in hub ---- this enables setting the hand exactly on the dot for striking and chiming. (of course do this off the clock)