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Sonora Beehive "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Ralph Rehner
My love and expertise revolves around Longines. Recent enlightenment and encouragement from members Tom Seymour and Jim Cope, sent this "Clock Pup" on a hunt that I will never forget. I have done the restoration and am proud to own a, "Sonora Beehive",same case style as the #64, but on rods not bells, sounds great.
Thankyou gentlemen

Ralph Rehner

IHC Member 234
Picture of Jim Cope
...gotta put on the shades to view this one!...simply 'Magnificent'!!!...and a masterful restoration!!!...btw: I personally prefer chimes to bells!!! Jim C
Picture of Tom Seymour
Jim, I echo your comments. A fabulous looking clock. The rods sound great! Beautiful job on the case, Ralph. You have stepped into clockworld. There is no turning back!!

Tom Seymour
NAWCC #41293
IHC #104
IHC Exec.V.P.
Now thats NICE!!!
Just what I need, two clocks. I got grandpas old Seth Thomas and now I want, no, need one of those.

I'm feeling woozy. I think I got bit! Big Grin

Aaron Bereiter
NAWCC# 156432
Chapter 185 Charter 23
Chapter 185 Finance VP
God bless America

IHC Member 155
Bulova Watchmaker

Picture of Rich Kuhn
I had the priviledge of seeing the before, during and completed case restoration. You did a marvelous job! I am particularly impressed with the dial. I think the clock is simply out of this world.

Rich Kuhn

NAWCC Member 128623
IHC Member 155

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