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Illinois "Stuart" "Click" to Login or Register 

The Stuart was the top of the early Illinois Watch Co. grades, and I thought it would interesting to start up a thread on these. Anyone who likes these watches please feel free to post away here with any comments or photos.

The watch above at serial #2556 is possibly the scarcest variety of Stuart, as I believe the first serial number Stuart marked "Adjusted" was at #2551 while the last with the "Currier's Patent" marking was at #2561.

So if correct, only the 11 watches between serial #'s 2551 and 2561 will have these dual "Adjusted"/"Currier's Patent" markings.


Another here at serial #2930, this watch is also from the second Stuart run spanning serial #'s 2501 to 3000 but shows the later "Patent Pinion" marking rather than the earlier "Currier's Patent" seen on the watch in the first post to this thread.

Thanks for reminding me of this thread, Fred.

I do find these old watches fascinating and I'm just beginning to appreciate what bargains they are.... comparatively speaking.

This thread came up during our discussion of the "Dean" that I recently bought on eBay. I'll be sure to add photos if and when I've gone through it.

Considering the fact that Russ Snyder's database puts total production of the "Dean" model at 300, the price was really quite a bargain! Wink
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