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My dollar watch collection has expanded. I now have three Westclox models. A Pocket Ben with a sweep second hand dated 1970, A black dial luminous Scotty form about 1974 that actually has plastic escapement and seconds wheels but runs very well and a mid 60's Scotty that has a Coca-Cola dial on it that I discovered after purchasing is a fake pasted on paper dial over the original. I contacted the seller about it and he claimed not to know and refunded me a good portion of my purchase price. Apparently there are a lot of these fake dial Westclox and Ingraham watches floating around and they come in many flavors. Basically, almost all advertising or character dials on these watches other than the genuine Mickey Mouse ones and others made in cooperation with Disney are pasted on fakes. People pick up the watches cheap, print and paste on the fake dials and sell them at inflated prices as 'Rare Collectibles". The Coca Cola watch also came with a magnetic stand that was made to stick on the dashboard of your car and the case has indentations for the pivots so it is still unique even with the fake dial.

My latest acquisition is I think the best deal I have gotten. It is a 1948 Ingraham Sentinel Wayfarer with the original box and carry case/ display stand. Everything is in great condition with only a small area of water or oil staining on one edge of the cardboard box. I paid $46 for it and have seen just the watch itself sell for almost twice that. I also found a site selling one with the carry case but no box, in nowhere good as condition as mine, for $248.

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