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Picture of Stephanie O'Neil
Ann, what a fantastic story/journey for you and your family! I am touched by your thoughts and, motivations, and so very proud of you! Hope I'm around to vote for you when you run for President! Smile

Lindell, Debbie, what a beautiful daughter you have and I'm sure so very proud of her. Thanks soo much for sharing this remarkable story and for knowing you.

Stephanie O'Neil

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Ann (Sparky):

It's refreshing to see someone so young getting involved in politics. Wishing you good luck in your future endeavors.

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I haven't posted in a long time but had to say what a great job you did in your interview. We are all so very, very proud of you!!
Just imagine, a real American Patriot. A pity it won't be her time this election-or the next one for that matter. I am, of course, referring to Ms. Riddle, who understands what it is to make a personal sacrifice and be involved in the most important process we have. We may have to wait a bit but the future has just become brighter. Ms. Riddle, the honor is all ours!
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Thanks a million for all your kind comments!

Courtesy of CNN here is a transcript.

- June 7, 2008 - 22:00 ET - Live Broadcast

RICK SANCHEZ, CNN ANCHOR: Well, she may be out of the race, but Hillary Clinton is still on a pedestal for a 13-year-old girl from Ohio.

Live from Cleveland, Ohio - Ann "Sparky" Riddle is joining us now with her mom, Debbie.

Hey, guys. Thanks for being with us.



SANCHEZ: Hey, what did you think when you heard yourself being mentioned by Hillary Clinton on a speech by the way that was probably as watched by as many people as any speech in a long, long time?

A. RIDDLE: I was so excited when I heard it. Actually, at the time, my mom and I had been running errands. So when we got back home, we watched it on the Internet and my whole family started crying. We were just so excited.

SANCHEZ: Really? Mom, you too?

D. RIDDLE: Yes. We are very proud of her.

SANCHEZ: I understand. And by the way, Sparky is not your real name, right?

A. RIDDLE: Well, actually, the whole name got started because I was supposed to be born on July 4th. And my dad called me his "little sparkler" and ended up going into Sparky.

SANCHEZ: You know I was born on July 3rd. When were you born?

A. RIDDLE: July 6. I was a little late.

SANCHEZ: Oh, yes. Hey, listen, I understand that you gave up a trip to Disney World to go instead and campaign for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. Is that true?

A. RIDDLE: Yes, that's true.

SANCHEZ: You know, not a lot of kids -- I know my kids probably wouldn't do something like that. That's a lot to give up for a 13- year-old?

A. RIDDLE: Yes, but I figured if I got Hillary elected she would be worth a ton more Disney vacations. She would be worth a ton.

SANCHEZ: Senator Clinton cited that youthful enthusiasm in yesterday's concession speech. Take a look.


HILLARY CLINTON: "To the young people, like 13-year-old Ann Riddle from Mayfield, Ohio, who had been saving for two years to go to Disney World and decided to use her savings instead to travel to Pennsylvania with her mom and volunteer there, as well."


That's a great picture there. There you are with the Senator. Let me ask you a question --


SANCHEZ: Now that Hillary Clinton has bowed out. And we are left in the Democratic side with Barack Obama and we're left on the Republican side with John McCain, who are you going to vote for?

A. RIDDLE: Well, I probably -- I really haven't studied either of their issues. I mean, I basically, Hillary was my candidate. I was going to go for Hillary through thick and thin. And since she has bowed out, I really have to research the other candidates' issues.

SANCHEZ: Hey, mom, what makes your daughter so political?

D. RIDDLE: She just -- she heard Bill Clinton speak back in January and she heard Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and they inspired her to get involved. And she did.

SANCHEZ: That's great. You know, it's so nice of you to join us tonight. What a great story. I mean, listen -- there is not a lot of people who get mentioned on national television that way and you did. You ought to feel good about what you did?

A. RIDDLE: Yes, I am so honored that I was mentioned, my story was mentioned out of the millions of people who volunteered, who helped on her campaign, and she singled out my story. I am just so honored.

SANCHEZ: Debbie, thanks so much for letting us talk to your daughter tonight. And Sparky, keep at it. You will probably running for Senate one day.

A. RIDDLE: President.

SANCHEZ: There you go. Shooting for the moon. Way to go. Appreciate it.

A. RIDDLE: Thank you.

© 2008 Cable News Network - Turner Broadcasting System - All Rights Reserved
congratulations!!..you must be very proud of your daughter...brian
Congratulations Sparky and well done, I've not been able to get any of the pages to open from the links posted yet, but will read them when we get back home to the UK.

I recon the Clintons' will be canvassing for You one day ............ even if they're in zimmers Big Grin

Well done too Debbie and Lindell, Sparky's dedication didn't happen by accident!

Best regards
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Here is another really neat story!

This is from the kids network called "Nickelodeon" on their website...

"Nick-News Top Story" by Linda Ellerbee

And here we are reporting from Indiana on YouTube...

"Debbie and Sparky for Hillary"

People of all ages come up to us everywhere we go, it's great to experience their positive reaction.

Thanks to all of you for your kind and generous comments!


Congrats on the civic virtue of Sparky! Good for her!

(John McCain could use the support of such a dedicated, intelligent, and hard working young lady! Is is too late to convice her to join the GOP? It was good enough for Hillary at her age... LOL)


Hi Ann,

Great job on the interviews! Your Mom and Dad must be very proud of you! I hope that you keep you interest in politics for many many years.
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