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Picture of Wayne C. Anderson
In a dirty box, found a nice watch FOB, "State of Maine", which appears to be an original one with lots of usage. Wonder what Chapter 185 members would do with this FOB, clean it bright and shiny, or leave it as found?

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Hi Wayne, it's better to leave it as found. Wink

Mike Nardick
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Picture of Mark Cross
Speaking for myself, it depends on planned use. If for a fob collector and display, leave as is. If I were going to use it, I'd clean it up. I personally see no difference in that than having the case of a pocketwatch cleaned and buffed for appearance before use and/or display. Personally, I'm not a patina worshipper regarding items I'm going to carry. Like I said, thought, that's just me and my practice. Regards. Mark

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Picture of Ed Ueberall
Your fob may have been made with an "antiqued' finish, so too much polishing could ruin it. If its dirty, a brief scrub with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste should clean it up with no damage to the patina. These fobs make an attractive collection.
As to using it, my advise is not to. I've had too many watches sent back to me for a new staff after that type of fob slipped out of the owner's hand and a nice watch hit the floor. Eek If you are carrying a good watch, it should always be attached to your clothing in case you drop it.

Ed Ueberall
NAWCC 49688
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The Escapement

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