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Picture of Stephanie O'Neil
Hi Jim Cope!
Thanks! Glad you like my collection! In regard to your question, I think you are right, most watch chains that have a separate "drop" do have a rather plain link. Then there are the straight line watch chains that do not have a drop; the chain is one piece; T bar on one side, swivel or C hook on other. I think the "drop" watch chains are the truly older ones, generally! Thanks for your question(and a good observation) as well as your participation!

Other questions? Participation? Comments? Roll Eyes

Stephanie O'Neil

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Picture of Mark Cross
I have a heavy rose gold chain like the one pictured with the drop chain and small spring ring, but I use mine to thread the t-bar links through the small spring ring, then attach the chain to my trousers belt loop for that kind of wear. I've seen a LOT of old photos with men wearing their vest chains on their trousers when they weren't wearing waist coats, and determined that this was what they were going. That's why there's a small spring ring there instead of a blind link for a fob. Regards. Mark
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