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Calling the tool person "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Wayne C. Anderson
Only markings on this tool is "Germany" - got it in a bag full of other watch/clock tools. What is it?

German tool
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Picture of Wynter Sturtevant
Good evening,

This one is an Ide's universal mainspring winder.
There are two maybe even 3 different versions. All are about the same. Nice tool.

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To add a bit to what Wynter said, the "original" version of the tool above was patented by Ferd F. Ide, of the Illinois Watch Company at Springfield. The one above is a German "knock-off," with a wooden handle, and an aluminum head, while the originals had black hard rubber handles, and nickel plated brass heads, stamped with Ide's patent info, etc.

For what it's worth, I'd hate to know I had to wind a mainspring into a barrel with one of those, but in the excellent film "The Story of a Watch," a 1922 US Government film produced at the Illinois Watch Company, a worker is shown installing mainsprings in barrels with an Ide's winder, with absolutely amazing efficiency!

Two of my personal favorites include the film mentioned above (article number 565), and a documentary entitled "Radium City," (article number 526) by Carole Langer. The first shows the entire production of an Illinois "Bunn Special" pocket watch from beginning to end, and the second shows the lasting impact of radiation on the community where the original "Radium Dial Company" was located, which produced watch and clock dials with luminous radium numerals for a number of decades.


Steve Maddox
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North Little Rock, Arkansas
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Wynter & Steve,
Thanks for the info about the spring winding tool.
Posts: 886 | Location: Nebraska, in the U.S.A. Heartland | Registered: November 22, 2002
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