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The Practical Watch Escapement by Daniels "Click" to Login or Register 
Does anyone know the status or the story behind the George Daniels book "The Practical Watch Escapement?" I had one on order with Amazon for over two years, with the expected date being pushed back again and again. Amazon just canceled the order saying they could no longer obtain the book, yet it's still listed as an active item on several Daniels-related pages. Anybody know what's up with this title?

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It looks like you might be able to get one from England: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/085667687X

I have "The Art of Breguet" by Daniels and it sure is a fine book ...one of my prized posessions!

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Similarly, I have an order on Amazon for Daniels watchmaking book for $66. It is not in stock, they say notification will be sent.
Anybody know why it is 999£ uk?
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The publisher lists Practical Watch Escapement as not yet published. Internet book searches show most new book sellers as showing it not yet published and many listings from used book sellers Daily Deals and Extremely Reliable listing it as exorbitant prices. I wonder if they really have a copy? The name of the one book seller brings to mind used car dealers with names like "Honest John".
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