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Dream lathe set up

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June 15, 2005, 20:22
Scott Cerullo
Dream lathe set up
Boy, this is really nice.
June 16, 2005, 14:58
Robert Michael Fullerton
That setup would certainly make my Fathers' Day.
Respectfully,Bob Fullerton
June 16, 2005, 20:29
Frank Juchniewicz
Boy, I wish I could........

Frank Roll Eyes
June 22, 2005, 18:14
Scott Cerullo
SmileBe glad you didn't Frank. I heard this seller is OK, but the Favorite lathe has some trouble when you use American collets and chucks. These lathes need Favorite accessories, which might not be so easy to find or afford.

I found out that some of the Bergeon lathes were Favorite.
June 24, 2005, 12:07
Greg Crockett
A nice set, but to be a real dream lathe it should have a milling attachment and an index along with the other stuff.