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Screw-holding screwdrivers? "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Stu Goldstein
I have trouble inserting screws where they need to go and trouble starting them right. I need greater dexterity and I need another hand. My efforts to develop the former have been hardly more successful than my efforts to grow the latter.

I’ve tried various sticky stuff but haven’t found anything that’ll hold a tiny screw on a tiny driver. Plus I know that the sticky stuff wants to drop into the most critical and inaccessible place in the movement.

Does anyone know of screw-holding screwdrivers in watchmakers’ sizes?

Or a super screw-starting tweezer?

Or foolproof sticky stuff?

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Posts: 355 | Location: Northern Idaho in the U.S.A. | Registered: November 26, 2002
Picture of Brian C.
Take a parts movement and just keep taking the screws out and puting them back with your tweezers and screwdriver. Do this as a lesson for a certain time every day. You will get good at it after a while. Note; Don't try this after a few cups of coffee.(g)
Good luck,
Brian C.

Posts: 1857 | Location: Epsom, New Hampshire USA | Registered: December 14, 2002
Picture of Wayne C. Anderson
Practice, practice and practice will help become more proficient. But K&D did make a screwdriver that might have helped the lesser proficient watch makers put those tiny little screws in place, but I dont think it helped the watch very much.

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Picture of Sam Williamson
My Boluva manual has an excercise of picking up balance screws over and over using just a properly shaped screwdriver(the tip wedges into the slot),so as not to mar the screws.

Sam Williamson
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Posts: 618 | Location: Northwestern Florida in the U.S.A. | Registered: November 27, 2002
Picture of Stu Goldstein
I even have trouble replacing the screws in eyeglass hinges. So I appreciate all suggestions!

Do you think a “balance screw holder” (found on a Google search) would be able to hold most kinds of PW screws?

Do you think a balance screw holder would be able to hold most sizes of PW screws? (Or would I need a set of balance screw holders?)
Posts: 355 | Location: Northern Idaho in the U.S.A. | Registered: November 26, 2002
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