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Church Air Activated Crown Wheel Cutter

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March 15, 2005, 12:53
Frank J. Menez
Church Air Activated Crown Wheel Cutter
This machine cuts the teeth on the underside of the crown wheel. (One of the winding wheels) Two new elements of machine design are employed in this machine-first the use of loading plates and second, that of compressed-air-driven piston and cylinder actuation of automatic machine members. The use of air driven cylinders instead of cams and levers allows for greater accuracy and much moe versitility in a smaller space. Compressed air gives movements with any degree of force and without wear. The number of teeth cut is regulated by the count wheel. Notice actuating air cyclinders in the body of the machine.

George Collard

Frank Menez
Trustee CRMI
March 15, 2005, 14:01
Wayne C. Anderson
On display at the CRMI.