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IHC Member 234
Picture of Jim Cope
...am seeking some advice on the best tooling approach(s) for 'handling' hairspring collets...to date I've been using a screwdriver to 'manipulate' the collet but have had some near 'misses' with the 'spring...wonder what 'specialty' tools I should be using to turn, lift, hold these little
'guys'...perhaps even some I could fashion myself?...thanks!...Jim C
Posts: 872 | Location: Kingsville, Ontario, Canada | Registered: April 16, 2003
Picture of Kenny Drafts
I made my own tool for removing hairsprings using the example in "Fried`s Manual". His was a dual tool with a curved fork-like (crow bar) on one end and a small flat straight tip on the other. I already had a flat-tip tool that I made from a sewing needle so I used a small plastic handled screwdriver to make my curved fork tool. I filed down the end, bent the end into a quarter-circle using a hammer over a steel rod (about 1" dia.). Then used a triangular file on the groove. See drawing below (the dimensions are Frieds) The width of the tip on mine is more like 3/32" but I work mostly with 16-18s hairsprings. Also my total length is closer to 4-1/2". He suggests tempering the end by heating till red-hot then plunging into water or oil. Then the end is carefully polished (it is very hard and brittle at this point). Then to re-heat until the color goes from straw to wine. As it reaches the wine shade immediately plunge into the water. This will temper it down so it is still very tough but not so brittle. Make sure it is polished smooth. If there are any burrs they will catch on the spring.
The tool is used under the hairspring collet with the balance wheel on a "holed" anvil. Choose hole size so that it just clears diameter of the roller table. The balance shoulder should lie flat on top of anvil. Then making sure the slot is snugly beneath the collet carefully pry the collet with hairspring off.
I use the straight flat tip tool for adjusting hairspring position.


Hairspring tool
Posts: 359 | Location: Lexington, South Carolina USA | Registered: July 28, 2003
IHC Member 234
Picture of Jim Cope
....thanks Kenny!...will set about to make the tool...in fact, I think I know where I can get me hands on some sewing tools that I can convert/retool...:0...much appreciate the reply and description...Jim C
Posts: 872 | Location: Kingsville, Ontario, Canada | Registered: April 16, 2003
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