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Dueber bicycles and automobiles? "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Life Member
Picture of Richard M. Jones
At one time the Dueber factory made bicycles or at least advertized them for sale. I would like to find one and I am interested in learning if they may have made or considered making a car.

Posts: 1004 | Location: Omaha, Nebraska in the USA | Registered: February 14, 2009
I saw one on American Pickers once. They did not make very many. It seems they had no brakes! I too would love to find one but they would be $$$$$$$$$$$$ for sure.
Posts: 3233 | Location: Arizona in the USA | Registered: June 25, 2008
Picture of Ken Habeeb
A Dueber bike would be a neat find. A Howard bicycle would be an interesting sight as well.
Posts: 921 | Location: California in the USA | Registered: March 25, 2013
Picture of David A. Vasarab
In December of 2013, a Dueber bicycle badge went for $307.55 with 20 bidders on eBay!

This link may help Rare 1869 Dueber Grand Bicycle Bike Badge Hampden Canton Ohio nr

Posts: 76 | Location: Parma, Northern Ohio USA | Registered: January 02, 2006
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