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Hampden serial numbers listed in the Arnold/Hernick book "Click" to Login or Register 
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In the Arnold/Hernick Hampden book,which is a goldmine for those of us who appreciate Hampden watches, they built a serial number/grade list which is the next best thing to the factory lists, which are gone forever.They made it from dealer's lists and collector's watches, and it is right on the money, they did a really great job on it.I have noticed that some of my own watches that I've had for many years are listed in the book, they apparently saw them on the dealers lists where I got them from, long before the internet! I know it doesn't mean anything, just wondering if anyone else has found any of their own watches listed in the book too. Thanks, Ted.
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Yes. Many. It is most fortunate that IHC185 rescued all the remaining "in print" copies of this priceless volume from the "club" which had shelved them for "lack of interest".

You or any other Hampden collector can still get this gold mine right here from IHC185. See the post near the top of this category.
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