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What size is this Hampden please? "Click" to Login or Register 

Can anyone tell me what size this Hampden movement is?

I bought it recently and the seller says the whole case diameter is 1 1/16" I thought it may be a 16s but not 100% sure.

Can someone tell me by the serial number? Serial # 450485

Also, the jewel count?

Thanks for any help.

Posts: 449 | Location: Ontario in Canada | Registered: September 28, 2010
18 size, 11 jewel per the Hampden data base.
Posts: 292 | Location: Vancouver, Washington, USA | Registered: May 19, 2005
Picture of Chris Hughes
Nice one. I love the Teske regulator.
Posts: 310 | Location: Portland, Oregon in the USA | Registered: February 07, 2010
IHC Life Member
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Gosh Bud, I haven't heard that word in 30 years. Please, does it still mean the same thing?
Posts: 1732 | Location: Enumclaw, Washington in the USA | Registered: October 02, 2011
Picture of Dave Turner
Grade 31 model 2 1887 production stem wind lever set

Dave Turner
Posts: 1979 | Location: Wilson, North Carolina in the USA | Registered: November 15, 2011
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