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The "Electric Railway Standard" From Meggers Collection "Click" to Login or Register 
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An Outstanding Find! Beautiful Case...

Tom Dunn...
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Picture of Dave Turner
Yes it is!!

Dave Turner
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Really nice!! I like the Mckinnley watches.Have a few of them.
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Picture of Edward L. Parsons, Jr.
The card says the dial was changed, as I would expect, since it wouldn't have come on this 21-jewel Wm McKinley RRG movement.

I have a 19-jewel Hampden Electric Railway Standard example (movement #1897655) which I bought right here in the IHC mart:

Auction Link

and I believe to be correct, with the same dial as shown above, but with the movement marked "Railway" (see photo).

19-Jewel Hampden Electric Railway Standard Movement

Posts: 6696 | Location: Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA | Registered: April 19, 2004
Picture of Richard Romero
Those are some nice looking watches.

The Hampden Watch Co. book by Hernick and Arnold shows that dial on page 56 fronting serial #2,074,275 which is a grade No. 107. On page 144 serial #2,074,105 is listed in addition to the previous serial number as Electric Railway Standard on dial.


Below is some information from the Hampden database.

Posts: 1413 | Location: Fremont, California in the USA | Registered: February 06, 2010
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