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Is this really a Russian Hampden watch? "Click" to Login or Register 
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Just came across this one. It has a similar layout to Hampdens but a lower level of finish. Seller states that the dial is 41mm so this probably is a 16 size. What say you?


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In the book "From Springfield to Moscow" by James W. Gibbs, on page 103 there is a photo of on of the 1st movements made in Russia. It looks just like this auction except for makers markings on the movement. So maybe it is real?

Sorry my scanner is broken so I can scan the photo from the book.

Any other comments.

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When Hampden was located to the USSR it became the Kirowski factory. The first watches made were Hapden models as it was that machinery that was used in initial production. I have had several Russial immigrant customers who verified this. One Russian watchmaker I know well told me how surprised he was when he first came here and established himself and encountered Hampden watches here. Of course in the USSR one was not informed of this historical connection.
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This is real, and very collectible with the pre-war dating. I picture below the same type, the top 2 pics are a 1956 Vintage. The bottom 4 pictures are a 1937 Pre-WWII with the stamped "watch" casing typical of that time. They both work quite well.

I have some of the Pocket Watches too, but these pictures really show it all. The interesting thing about the 1956 watch is the dummy Crown/Bow added at one end to hold the strap.

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That's amazing David. Adding a dummy pendant to hold the strap is a new one on me! Roll Eyes

Best Regards,

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Here is a 15 jewel Russian Hampden David Abbe sold to me--notice the grade of workmanship on the plates

This one is a 16 size

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I see it's been a couple of years since this thread started - I hope it's OK to add this Soviet made 'Saucepan' wristwatch, with it's clear Hampden heritage.


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Robert, it looks like we have the same creature. Mine needs a new balance staff and seems to be missing the click spring. Regardless of condition it’s still neat to look at in comparison to a Hampden.

Alan, what a beautiful watch. Love the green numbers and clear Hampden heritage.

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