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Hampden Model No 105 serial # 3305185 "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Richard Romero
I picked up this watch for 2/3 of low guide book value including the new William White crystal and shipping. At first I didn't think the dial could be original but then I found an illustration of the same dial on page 70 of the Hampden Watch Co. book. There's another No 105 currently on ebay with the same exact dial and a close serial # 3304946 so possibly the dial is original to the movement. It seems to run good as is so it will be my everyday carry watch for a while. It's kind of neat the serial # ends with 185.


Hampden Model No 105 serial # 3305185

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Picture of Chris Hughes
I have a 105 that I really like. It's a great watch.
Posts: 310 | Location: Portland, Oregon in the USA | Registered: February 07, 2010
IHC Member 1110
Richard, Nice 105!I really like the dial, I'm jealous.Mine is just like it, SN 3394408.If you look at the damaskeening at different angles in good light,it looks like the number of stripes changes, really cool...Those dials like yours look a lot like a Bunn Special style.Regards, Ted.
Posts: 1323 | Location: Lebanon, Connecticut USA | Registered: March 28, 2008
A very nice RR grade Richard. I carried my 105 in train service for many years and still have it. My serial # is 3174075 and it has a slightly different number style dial than yours. I have owned it for almost 50 years and it is still my preferred carry watch.
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IHC Member 1110
Welcome aboard Larry!You won't be disappointed by joining this group,it'll be the best 12 bucks you ever spent. Just wondering which railroad you worked for.Did you ever have any trouble with having your Hampden approved?I always thought that after Hampden was gone that many railroads no longer approved them.These 105's are a really nice RR watch!Being a Hampden nut myself,it will be nice to hear from someone who actually carried one in RR service.Best Regards, Ted.
Posts: 1323 | Location: Lebanon, Connecticut USA | Registered: March 28, 2008
IHC Member 1357
Just saw this thread.Really like that "arrows in"
Dial Richard.Got me to looking through my Hampdens
turns out I have the same exact dial.Not on a movement,loose.But I found I have 2 105's and they
both have the "arrows in"dials but in the Montgomery configuration .They are numbers 3394508
and 3305582.Not too many numbers from yours.

Posts: 4094 | Location: Carbon, Texas in the USA | Registered: January 24, 2010
I have one of these little Hampden 105's also , the dial is like Richards . It is on my desk running for a few weeks now,and the Hampden keeps near perfect time ,serial 2592632

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