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Unusual 12s dial "Click" to Login or Register 
Have anyone seen this kind of dial before? It seems to be original (not printed on).

Posts: 266 | Location: Wroclaw in Poland | Registered: May 06, 2013
Picture of Peter Kaszubski
I heard of Chesterfield grade or case but never seen on on dial perhaps someone will look in to that.
Posts: 4395 | Location: Arizona in the USA | Registered: July 23, 2011

The dial looks all original to me. I saw it on ebay, but didn't pay too much attention to it. My guess is the dial was made specifically for advertising for a dealer. A display type watch. Only thing that gets me is its in a wrong case (not chesterfield) fromt he looks of it. Very possible it was in a solid 14k chesterfield case which has since been scrapped? The porcelain dials were only put on very early grades of the 12s series from my observations.

Posts: 1626 | Location: North Dakota in the USA | Registered: December 09, 2009
Thanks Jared, I will examine it when I get it in my hands, by chance I won this auction Smile. And you are right about regarding case, interesting find anyway.

Posts: 266 | Location: Wroclaw in Poland | Registered: May 06, 2013
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