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grade 211, inacurate database identification

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October 18, 2013, 19:19
Rafal Woler
grade 211, inacurate database identification
Hi All,

Ive acquired from ebay grade 211, serial no. 1075277 which is identified as grade 429 in both nawco xls and I also have seen another serial number close to mine reported as inaccurate. It seems that we have to correct our records maybe. Any comments or thoughts on that? Seems to be interesting problem.

October 21, 2013, 14:24
Rafal Woler
I did some more research and that is what I have:
1075101-1076000,429,12,1,19,900,1924 - original from Frank
1075101-1075276,429,12,1,19,900,1924 - 175pcs, probably less?

1075277 - my serial number
1075601 - 2nd incorrect serial (there is no details why its not correct),at least 324 serial numbers range

1075602-1076000 - 398 serial numbers gap as next run is:


Does anyone have watches from 429 range, so we could possibly narrow it down? Or maybe anything from 398 serials gap?