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Would someone help me with my South Bend watches?

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April 06, 2008, 16:26
Duane Pullen
Would someone help me with my South Bend watches?
I'm taking pics of all my South Bends and I'm basically looking for someone just to say it's a correct dial or it's not correct. I have some lower grade SB's that have nice dials on them, but just need to see if they're correct for the watch. Would someone be willing to view the pics of around 20 watches or so to give feedback of where I'm at and what I should look for in upgrading dials? dpullen4 at comcast dot net Thanks!
April 07, 2008, 18:37
Lindell V. Riddle

As a start you are welcome to bring your watches over and we could do some interesting comparisons with the watches spread out before us. In the alternative send the images to and we could discuss them over the phone.

Sounds like an interesting project!


April 08, 2008, 12:32
Frank Kusumoto
Just post them on the board. In this thread. You'll get a better opinion.
April 08, 2008, 18:28
Duane Pullen
They're all too big to post here. I'll see about hosting on another site.
April 08, 2008, 18:40
Lindell V. Riddle

Maybe I misunderstood Duane's question Smile my impression was that he wanted some personal conversation and comparisons with other watches. As Frank correctly pointed out there would be more varied opinions by posting images on-site and this topic would be an excellent place.

So far as sizing of the images, check here for advice...


April 08, 2008, 22:33
Duane Pullen

This is the link to all of my South Bends. Just curious if I have dials on my lower grade 16s(215/227/290) and 18s(330/333) non-studebakers that I could "rob" to upgrade bad dials or dials that are incorrect. Does that make sense?

I know how to post images here, but between having to resize all of my images and attach one image at a time, it would take a long time here.

Does this make sense?
April 08, 2008, 22:45
Donald Trumble
That requires names, emails and passwords none of us would have.

April 09, 2008, 07:11
Duane Pullen
Sorry, I was logged in, so no wonder it took me there with no problem. I shared the albums with Lindell since he gave an email address above. If anyone else wants to see, leave me your email address.