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Popular Mechanics South Bend Watch ad

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February 22, 2009, 09:00
Ernie Loga
Popular Mechanics South Bend Watch ad
I was reading some of the old ads listed under Franks Catalogs, Literature, & Pictorials post. The Popular Mechanics ad pictures both Men's and Ladies wristwatches. There is a blurb about their new jewelry catalog being available.

I was struck with the question: What brand watch did they offer in this catalog. We know that some size 0 watches were put into wristwatch cases. However, the last size 0 South Bend was produced in 1913. The ad is obviously for watches produced after 1923 as the Studebaker Watch Co wasn't formed until then. The ad therefore has to be from 1923 or later.

Does anyone have any documentation identifying the brand of watch offered in the South Bend Jewelry Catalog?
February 22, 2009, 09:30
Lindell V. Riddle


Those wristwatches in the Studebaker Watch Company advertisements which ran until late 1929 were Swiss imports, not related to South-Bend in any way. No name on the dial or movement, just a generic Swiss watch. For that reason there is really no way that I can think of to recognize them today.

They sold all kinds of things toward the end, even radios and such.



February 22, 2009, 21:23
Ernie Loga

I thought it interesting that they sold other watches. I figured they were swiss but I was hoping there was some way to identify them.

Do you know of anyone who has a documented swiss watch that was purchased from Studebaker Watch Co. ?