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18S South Bend set lever position

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August 22, 2015, 21:40
Theodore J. Brown Sr.
18S South Bend set lever position
I just recently got my first South Bend 18 size, a model 2 open face grade 333 15J.

I got it as an uncased movement.I had been saving a nice Illinois Spartan long pendant case that had held a Waltham '92 model.When I put this South Bend in it, the setting lever would not pull out.I had to widen out the lever slot in the case.This is the first time I've had this happen with an 18 size.I thought all 18sizes had the lever in the exact same spot at 11 minutes,this South Bend seems to be closer to 12 minutes.Just wondering if anyone else has had to do the same.Thanks!
August 24, 2015, 15:07
Lindell V. Riddle

Hi Ted,

To help answer your question I compared a South-Bend Model 2 with an 1892 Model Waltham and found there is indeed a slightly different angle to the setting lever and how it moves outward from the movement then affects how the lever-slot might have to be cut just a bit differently to more precisely "fit" with the individual movement.

What you found is the ever-so-slight fine tuning that went into casing and timing watches at the retail jewelry store level. Often they used Pendant-Set cases that could then be modified to specifically "fit" the chosen movement.

In this instance, the fact of slightly different angles on how the setting-lever pulls out then calls for a slightly different cut in the lever slot. Again, keep in mind that each movement was carefully "fit" into the intended case and the case was then modified as might be required. In the situation of the lever-cut being made at the case-maker's factory rather than the retail jeweler, the slot would then be cut slightly wider so the case could be used with practically any American-made pocket watch movement.

Hope this explanation is helpful to you and others.



August 24, 2015, 20:32
Theodore J. Brown Sr.
Thanks Lindell! I see what you mean,The South Bend lever pull-out angle is different,I just hadn't run into this before, that's why I asked. I know this 333 is kind of low on the South Bend totem pole, but it is a sharp looking movement with its busy damaskeen pattern.I'm happy to have it. Best regards, Ted.