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18 Size 21-Jewel Grade 327 Information

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January 27, 2010, 21:14
Theodore J. Brown Sr.
18 Size 21-Jewel Grade 327 Information
I really enjoyed Lindell's great South Bend history.I have a 16s 227, one of America's finest railroad watches.So, I've always wondered about the 18s version, the 327.I know they are very rare, and only about 300 were supposed to have been made.One showed up on Ebay I think about 2 yrs. ago, so that proves there are some around.Do they have the same damaskeen pattern as the 227?I saw the picture of the one that sold then, but I can't remember what the pattern was.327's must be one of, if not the rarest South Bend.Would anyone have a picture of one to show?Thanks again!...Ted
January 28, 2010, 14:54
Lindell V. Riddle

Hi Ted and thanks for your kind comments!

South-Bend's Grade 327 is that "other" model of 21-Jewel 18-size movement.

It has long been held that only 300 numbers were blocked, there may be more. But this we know for certain, the Grade 327 was made briefly and dropped from their lineup, possibly to put added emphasis on "The Studebaker" or simply because of confusion and slow sales. But a few years later their 16-size Grade 227 was a big hit as South-Bend watches go, some 45,000 of those were produced over a twenty year time-frame.

For the record, here are some Grade 327 numbers we are aware of...

555012 (05/11)
555039 (eBay 2010)
555045 jb

555106 (eBay 03/08)
555129 (Shown below this posting)
555185 (Requires Confirmation)

555285 jt
555293 (10/10)

555439 (05/12)

You asked for a picture, well I must tell you, the South-Bend 327 could be the all time most difficult to photograph movement. If you get the lettering the damaskeening is obscured and if you get the damaskeening the lettering disappears! So here goes with a merge of two images, neither of them all that great.



South-Bend Grade 327 number 555129 is a railroad watch rarity...

January 30, 2010, 14:00
Theodore J. Brown Sr.
Lindell, Thank you for the answer an the pics of your 327.I for some reason always assumed the damaskeening would be the same as on grade 227.That one has a pattern all its own....You must have a pretty complete South Bend collection if you have a 327.Must have been a hard one to track down!Thanks again, Ted.
December 24, 2012, 16:25
Brian Morrison
I am selling a 327 #555263 on ebay and I thought you would add the # to your list Brian