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I have a simple question. It appears that only a few of us are posting anything for discussion on our own special South Bend Watch web page. If no one posts anything how can we carry on a discussion? I see there are many readers but very few posts even in the form of comments.

If this was a Wal-Mart or K-Mart item and no one bought the item it would be discontinued. Likewise, this web page is a valuable tool for us collectors. but, if we don't use it, how can the club justify keeping it going?

Lets hear from you!
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I'm not sure I would get overly concerned, consider that since this area is titled as "Research Forums" that can intimidate some and make them reluctant to post. Then add to that the fact it is generally viewed as an educational archive people tend to use it as such rather than the kinds of general conversations we see in other parts of the site.

Bottom line, each of us set the tone and we can choose to make the research forums more conversational by carrying on more conversations there. In the case of the South-Bend Forum exposure to Studebaker Drivers Club Members could be an avenue to pursue with announcements in the various SDC Monthly Publications.

We build it, we keep up the good posts and others will come.


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