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Is my Studebaker Dial a Fake? "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1752
Picture of Greg Taylor
Hello Members, I wonder if someone could please help me to confirm the authenticity of a Studebaker Pocket Watch I just purchased on Ebay. I paid a tidy sum for it, mainly because I fell in love with the minimalist look to the dial, the Studebaker script on the dial face, and the beautiful movement. The seller assured me that "The watch had a complete overhaul which includes taking apart, cleaning the movement and oil. It is keeping better than very good time" so I felt happy with the deal until reading on your site and others of the faking of watch dials. I have not been able to locate another example of this type of script anywhere on the internet or in any of the old catalogs so now I am worried that the "Studebaker" on the dial may not be authentic. Has anyone ever seen this type of script before? Thank-you, Greg

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Picture of Lindell V. Riddle

Hi Greg,

It was and still is not uncommon for metal dials to be refinished at time of major servicing. Some collectors accept repainted dials but a purist will accept only a well cared for original.

The hour numerals are similar to those on an original style dial but from there on everything points to non-original finish and non-original design. One clue is the "fuzzy" numerals on the seconds register that look to be printed off-center. Most importantly, the "Studebaker" signature is unlike that on any known to be original dial, the "S" is unlike the script "S" on South-Bend dials, it almost looks hand-signed and it is placed too high on the dial, it is in an awkward position and that odd script signature, although tastefully done is very, very odd. Bottom line, there is no reason to think it is original and the weight of all evidence is against originality.

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Best always,


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Thanks Lindell,

I informed the seller that I was going to return the watch when I receive it because of the non-authentic dial. Just for curiosity's sake what would this watch be worth as it stands?

Thanks, Greg
Posts: 44 | Location: Hope, British Columbia in Canada | Registered: November 18, 2012
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