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Disabled Merchant Marine seeking Mentor in Cinn. Ohio area "Click" to Login or Register 
A person I just spoke with thought I was an established very well experienced pocket watch repairman. He told me his story about breaking his neck doing deliveries of barges loaded with supplies in Alaska. The gentleman has ,parts, tools, and repairable movements. He mainly wants to have someone show him in person balance staff replacement tasks, he has no lathe nor really wants to buy one for now.

He sounds highly intelligent, and has done much reading and viewing of youTube and has also purchased instructional DVD’s. I suggested using a cheap model and dive in. He is willing to travel and hold up in a hotel if someone would spend some time with him. I believe the guy is 100% sincere and truthfull.

I suggested he join ihc185. He said he is a member of ***** but has difficulty with the website posting and such. Will this forum have easier website protocals? He lives 30 min from Cinn. Ohio in Indiana. He has made much effort to learn and acquire tools and specialty tools.

Discovery is a great teacher, breaking stuff along the way is a great teacher. I think he is just reluctant for some reason. If someone being a member of this forum can see theirself as a helping hand I would ask Leo Ross from Lawenceburg Indiana to share his contact information here.
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That is awful nice of you Jim !
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