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Strange 992B problem "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1063
My 992B will run flawlessly for days then all of a sudden I'll take it out of my pocket and it will be anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes slow but still running. I'll set it again and it will be fine for days and then the same problem again. Any ideas?
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A possible simple solution (least destructive and not much work to do). Have you demagnetized the watch lately? I have had a couple of watches that went through the USPS (possible electrons exchange took place in the process) that were doing the same thing. After a couple of zaps on the demagnetizer we were good2go.
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IHC Member 1725
Hi Dana,

My guess is your minute hand is lose. Take your finger tip and very gently press down on it to snug it up.

Hope this helps.
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Picture of William D. White
To me it sounds like a loose cannon pinion or possible binding in the motion works.

Posts: 1568 | Location: San Francisco, California USA | Registered: September 01, 2008
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Picture of Larry Lamphier
I agree with William. I really sounds like a loose cannon pinion. But one never knows. It can be a multitude of things.

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I wonder how the watch "feels" when setting the time? A loose or worn cannon pinion is fairly easy to tell. I don't think it is nothing to serious being these 992Bs are almost bullet proof.
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Picture of Paul Davis
Hello Dana,,if it runs that long fine and then acts up, I would say it has a bad main, or a wrong length main, the Canon pinion would act up immediately with an hour, sounds,like it's,running down to the weak,part and then loosing power if you need help with its repair let me know..thanks paul

Paul Davis
Posts: 672 | Location: Missouri in the USA | Registered: May 01, 2015
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