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16s Bunn Special 21j mainspring removal "Click" to Login or Register 
Hello. Recently purchased sn 3796660 and after just a few days I believe the mainspring has broken. Either the spring detached in the barrel or it has broken. I can wind and wind and.....

My first time doing a spring on the Illinois Bunn Special.

The screw on the click wheel is difficult to remove. It is very shallow and this being my first time I honestly don’t think it is a reverse thread but it won’t loosen before the screw driver wants to slip. Can someone tell me is this one left to loosen? I have run into the winding wheel being right to loosen or reverse thread and broke it off so......

However. I was not able to remove the bridge by just taking out the three bridge screws. It almost comes out, so I gather the click wheel being removed will allow the bridge to come off easily.

So I am doing a mainspring investigation and could use a little help. I have lots of screwdrivers and wonder if You guys customize your wider and usually too thick, and do so for this reason by making a wide thick one a wide thin one?

If I am turning this screw to the right it just spins like it would do if winding the watch. So I can guess when I reinstall it I would have to hold it from turning. Which is another reason to believe it should not normally be hard to loosen like this one is. The first step is determining the proper direction to get it out! Thanks.....for All.
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The wheel you called the click wheel, the correct name is ratchet wheel. The screw will turn to the left to remove this wheel. The crown wheel turns to the right. You only have to remove the ratchet wheel.
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ThankYou BK for that lefty Loosey info.
I got it off and used a stone to thin out a cheap screwdirver with the perfect width. It covered all of the slot and very easily broke it loose.

Received a sixty hr. That would not tick the second hand. Bought it to fix. Was pleased to find it to have also a broken MS.

I don’t think one can fit a 60 into some if not all 48 barrels. Thought I read once someone published it is possible. This 48 hr. Is a model 9.
The sixty is a Model 14. The barrels have various diameters.

I measured this 48 hr. Out to .713 “. That is the OD of the barrel side, NOT the gear measure.

What place would be the proper place to get that measurement?

In reference to the 60HR barrel REMOVAL , I have reason to believe that most people find a way to get that out and NOT REMOVE the three motor barrel screws on top?

I think that would call for the taking off of the train bridge and go after the gears in order to get the barrel out.

If this is the correct way Why? I was advised Not to play with those three screws, that people get in trouble.. Regards, James
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60 HR. Update.
Prior to 6 months ago I never owned or worked on a Bunn Special.

On this mainSpring exploration I indeed left the three top screws undisturbed. I found out that unlike the 48Hr barrel models the bridge will come off.

Having done the 48hr first I wrongly *** U ME ed to go in from the top down. I takes a bit of lining up the arbor connection but it went back together and is happy ticking away today.

Thanks for All here at ihc185.
Posts: 140 | Location: New York in the USA | Registered: September 23, 2018
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