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Waltham 1888 cut-wown pillar plates "Click" to Login or Register 
I have two 16s Waltham model 1888 on which the pillar plates which have been reduced in diameter to fit into standard cases. I bought these not knowing this procedure had been inflicted on them. The movements rattle around in the cases, like to put them into the standard 1888 cases. Has anyone tried to resize these movement upward? I was thinking turning a sizing ring, cutting a sizing ring from a junk pillar plate, or building the plate up with JB weld and turning it to size on my Unimat.
I know some people may have ethical problems if the work was unremovable, or not apparent. Still, the condition I got these in didn't show the modifications. As one movement is a 19j American grade and the other is a 17j AM'n grade, I'd like to see them correctly dialed and cased.

Any help would be appreciated.
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