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Hour and Minute hands for Hamilton 954 "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 2289
I am having a challenge getting hour and minute hands for my 1913 Hamilton 954 pocket watch. I have measured the hands as follows Hour hand 1.80mm diameter/13.5mm length while the minute hand is 1.18 dia/ 18.5 length. I have a number of hands but none seem to be the correct diameter. Can you give me any suggestions where I might get these hands? Thanks
Posts: 25 | Location: Georgia in the USA | Registered: January 23, 2019
IHC Life Member
Hello Kelly,

Getting a set of hands for an exact fit can be an exercise in frustration. Most times they must be fit to the movement. If the hole is slightly small it can be broached to the size needed. Likewise if slightly too big the hole can be closed with a staking set.

Posts: 1078 | Location: Ticonderoga, New York USA | Registered: March 01, 2008
IHC Member 2289
Thanks Roger. I will give your suggestions a try.
Posts: 25 | Location: Georgia in the USA | Registered: January 23, 2019
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